Meet Our Captain

Pompano Beach native Tyler Hall has lived and fished in South Florida since he was a young boy. At the age of 15 his parents purchased a house on a local Broward County canal and since then you could say he has been hooked to the sport of fishing. Tyler recognizes his father as one of the biggest influencers to the man he has become today. He has helped and guided Tyler throughout his childhood to provided him the opportunity to be able to do what he loves to do to this day, fish.

Within a year of moving the house on the local Broward County canal, Tyler had conquered the backwaters of South Florida, catching everything from tarpon to snapper. He soon looked for more and turned to deeper waters for offshore fishing! Tyler then decided to buy his own boat to accomplish the more he craved. His first of many boats was a 20-foot Aqua Sport and on it, he developed an even bigger love for fishing.

Fast forward to the present, Tyler now has over 20 years of fishing experience throughout South Florida, The Florida Keys, and the Bahamas. Regardless if he is out fun fishing, commercial fishing, or his specialty, fishing for live bait, his love for being out at sea grows stronger each day. Tyler is always looking for the next big catch in life and in his business. With having hooked, caught, and experienced much of what the South Florida fishing has to offer he has chosen to make fishing for live bait his way of life. As he puts it “people who catch live bait for a living were born with it in their blood”.