Conch 27 2001

The workhorse

Our workhorse, a 2001 Conch 27. Once named the ‘Shameless”, the 954 Team took over this boat and made it into a live bait catching machine. After a complete overhauled in 2015, we have relied on this boat day and night to get our customers the best live bait we could provide every day throughout the years.

2015 Shameless:

Conch 27 1993

Build In Progress

The 954 team is currently in the middle of rebuilding a 1993 Conch 27. This total refit is now the second Conch 27 that 954 has done, and this refit is even bigger than the last. From the stringers up, everything on the new 954 Conch is carefully thought through and customized to build the ultimate live bait boat. Check back to see a detailed timeline of the custom work and the final build.